Q&A #1

What are my biggest kitchen fails? 👎

1) Poached Eggs – while I’ve never claimed to be a domestic goddess, or any other kind of goddess for that matter, you would think that making poached eggs would be a breeze. Well, not for me! I’ve tried the Mary Berry way and the Masterchef way, I’ve spun that cracked egg around the vinegary pan and prayed for an eggtastic result, but all I ended up with was an alien shaped blob. Not one to be beaten I purchased a poacher that you use on the hob, ha easy you think? Think again, I filled that bad boy with water, cracked my eggs and in minutes flooded the hob with white gooey water. I’ve even tried the microwave poacher – result? Hard eggs! My husband makes amazing poached eggs and I fail dramatically every time! Where am I going wrong? 🥚

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