Q&A #3

What did I believe for far too long as a child? 

1) Wood panel cars come flat packed 🚙
This goes back many years, a car journey, possibly to the seaside and my Dad told me that cars with wooden panelling come flat packed. They arrive in a big box and you have to build them yourself. I remember thinking this was really cool. Only later (much later) did I discover that you don’t build these cars from a flat pack in your garage, that they most definitely do not come with indecipherable instructions like most flat packs, and you most certainly don’t have to suffer the obligatory missing screws! I believe that these car are in fact called ‘Woodies’ and I have to admit, despite them not being a DIY kit, I weirdly like them 👍

2) The Stretchers 🤔
It’s a Saturday morning, I’m maybe eleven or twelve years of age and on the bus to town with my Dad. As we near the bus stop Dad begins to tell me that we have nearly reached the stop for ‘The Stretchers’. Say what! The Stretchers it would seem is where kids are taken to be, well, stretched! Eh! 😱 ‘How else do you think you grow?’ Says Dad. Well either I have blocked this well shady memory out or the so called Stretchers did a poor job, because at 5ft 4 I’m fairly certain that it didn’t work! 🤭
Thanks Dad 👎😂


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