Q&A #6

What do I find fascinating yet slightly gross?

Embalming! 💉🧴⚰️

I fully respect the career that my husband has chosen and countless others. We have a lot of friends who are Embalmers, and to say that the conversations between them is a little whacky is a major understatement. I’m not keen myself, I have to admit, and I certainly don’t have the stomach for such a complex and demanding career. No jokes here, I can’t even watch the pretend surgery on Holby City without my toes curling 😬Yes I’m a wimp 😆 To think that the Egyptians were cracking this technique out in their goliath pyramids (how’d they build them anyway? #aliens) is mind blowing, but it’s nice to know that it’s been refined immeasurably over the years. I’m going to pass on the embalming when I pop my clogs, just not feeling it, but still a massive shout out to all of those who have chosen such a fulfilling vocation 👍

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