Q&A #8

Do I collect anything?

Yes… Coins 💰

My collection is only really a year or so old, and it seems no matter where you go now someone is doing exactly the same thing. They all want the fifty pence pieces that I want! Even the shop workers are clued up, though they are in a better position than most to find them. My Grandad has been collecting coins since childhood, and he’s the one that I go to when I need to check if I’ve found a dud or not. I love the fifty pence pieces, but the two that elude me the most are Kew Gardens and Jemima Puddle duck.

Gran and Grandad bought me the uncirculated Beatrix Potter set for Christmas and it’s beautiful, but I’ve yet to find a circulated Jemima in my change. Dad found me both Paddington Bear coins within two days of each other (how strange), my husband asked a shop employee in York if she had any ‘good 50p’s’ and managed to get me Jeremy Fisher, and an elderly lady in the hairdressers gave me Sherlock Holmes… Fab!

Grandad has given me some beautiful large coins and they are my pride and joy (they are the ones in the little packets in the pic) and three old Christmas 50p’s, amongst others. My treasure chests have lots of different coins in too, and I try to recirculate any duplicates that I get.

I have yet to complete the great British coin hunt as these elusive ten piece coins are incredibly difficult to find, and I only have two out of the 26 required so far. Are people hoarding them??

I don’t know why we have all gone 50p mad, but it’s fun to find the funky ones in your change and I’m determined to find Kew flipping Gardens 😁


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