Q&A #9

What profession does not get enough credit?

Funerals ⚰️

When the snow was very bad a few years back, Look North News did a segment on professions that were still out and about ensuring that jobs got done. There were paramedics, nurses, farmers, fireman and women, police etc… But not one funeral company.

So, I emailed the news station and put this to them – they replied, and asked me to send a picture. 🤔 How is this possible? What picture would they like? The funeral? The grieving family? Not acceptable!

So please remember the funeral staff when the weather is bad, because they are out there ensuring that funerals are able to take place on time, that families are still cared for, that cars are kept clean and tidy, that loved ones in their care are looked after with dignity and respect. Snow does not stop these hard working men and women! #respect

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