Epilepsy – A light at the end of the tunnel

Further to my earlier post in regards to hidden disabilities, I just wanted to take a moment and document the journey of my husband being re-diagnosed with Epilepsy. It took a few unexpected hospital visits after most definitely unexpected seizures for Paul to be referred to see a Neurologist, and the wait for an appointment was a lengthy one.

We weren’t without drama during this time either… the doctors lost Paul’s prescription for his Epilepsy medication, Morrison’s café became a new seizure venue (though we did meet two lovely kind strangers – Paul doesn’t remember though) we met a paramedic that looked the double of Ryan Reynolds, and I was convinced for a short while that I had poisoned my husband with my spicy crispy chicken, because he had a seizure immediately after eating it.

When Paul’s appointment for the EEG came through neither of us knew what would happen. Some medieval torture chamber maybe? An exorcism to release the demons? We were prepared for anything. Thankfully we arrived on a day when the tormentors were taking a break (phew), and were met instead by a lovely nurse who talked us both through the next stages of Paul’s diagnosis.

Hooked up to the EEG machine, and sporting some rather funky coloured head wires, Paul was asked to perform a number of tasks, ranging from opening and closing his eyes, holding his breath, lifting his arms and legs and staring into flashing lights. Of course, I was there with my trusty camera to photograph the event. (please see pics below).

Paul also had an MRI which he did not enjoy at all. I think mainly because the tunnel was so small and Paul is rather broad shouldered. He was thrilled when that one was over.

The diagnosis was a relief to be honest. It was nice to have an answer for these mystery seizures. And while Paul will be on medication for the rest of his life, it’s a small price to pay for him to be safe and well.

It’s certainly a small price to pay to have my lovely, kind, silly, husband back.

I’d just like to take an additional moment here and thank Paul for being so open and honest about his Epilepsy, and for allowing me to write about it. It’s a big step for him, and I’m truly inspired by him every day ❤️


  1. Well done Paul, Emma you are so funny I’m sure Paul gets through a lot of things because of your humour. 😁💝🧠 xx

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