Month: Oct 2019


Beamish open air museum is a wonderful place to visit. Everything in Beamish museum is set in 1913, everybody is dressed up in costumes from that time and the attention to detail is amazing. You definitely need more than one day to see everything though … Continue reading Beamish

Q&A #11

What job did I want to do? Growing up I always fancied being a air hostess, and at around age 14/15 I wrote to British Airways and told them exactly that. They wrote back…

E-Reader Vs Paperback

I love a paperback book, I even love a hardback book. The smell and feel, the ability to physically turn pages, and those surprise bookmarks that you find hidden inside sometimes, from till receipts to recipe cards. Yes, the paperback is a wonderful thing. But…

Q&A #10

What am I doing this weekend? Firstly I need to crack on with the mundane things in life, laundry, cleaning, ironing, food shop – blah blah blah, but after that?