Helping the homeless

It really angers me when people call those that are homeless and living on the streets tramps. Would you like to be in their position? You could literally be one payday away from it, one debt away from it, one mistake away from it, one unfortunate situation away from it.

Are you better than them because you own your own home, own car, good clothes? No! You do not know why they are there. You do not know what led them to this life and who they were before it. And the reason you don’t know is because they are invisible to you.

 I praise highly those that stop and chat to a homeless person, that take them a sandwich or a hot drink, who take five minutes out of their lives to help somebody in need. Are they tramps? No, they are human beings with feelings!

I used to speak to a homeless man in the dark arches in Leeds when I was going to and from work, he was called Jay and he was a total gentlemen. He never asked for anything, but was always appreciative of a sandwich or whatever you brought him. For nearly a year I spoke to Jay, and I was gutted when I heard that he had died. 

There are so many homeless men and women on our streets and its an absolute disgrace that they are looked down upon, instead of helped up. 

I’m not asking you to go out and bombard them all with food and conversation, but I am asking if the next time you see someone down on their luck, you take a moment to just truly see them. 



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