So, I read your book…

I’m always absolutely delighted to hear that somebody has read my book, has taken time to read something that I have created, but how do I feel when I hear the words ‘So I read your book’?…

I can’t lie, I always feel a sense of dread and trepidation, have they enjoyed it? Are they about to roast it within an inch of its papery life? Are they non-plussed? A bit, blah? 

Whatever the answer, I am still grateful to receive feedback. Though I much prefer the ‘I loved it’ reviews 😂

When I left my short story ‘Lost’ in Revo Vapes, a lady having a coffee picked it up and read it while I was sitting there. That was a very peculiar feeling I have to say. Thankfully she said that she enjoyed it. Sigh with relief. 

It’s an odd one really. I love feedback, I am desperate for it, but flip that page and there is a massive part of me that hides away from it, happy in my ‘nobody hates it‘ bubble. 

So, I read your book… 

Check out my reviews page to see what my readers are saying… 






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