E-Reader Vs Paperback

I love a paperback book, I even love a hardback book. The smell and feel, the ability to physically turn pages, and those surprise bookmarks that you find hidden inside sometimes, from till receipts to recipe cards. Yes, the paperback is a wonderful thing. But…

I also love my kindle. 

I love having a world of books just a few clicks away, and the ability to keep them all without taking up any space in the house. Also, my husband has filled up all of the available bookshelf space with his books, so, having a kindle is a bonus. I love that they are neat and compact and slip nicely into my handbag.

Other than the very obvious differences between an e-reader and a paperback, there is one that really takes the award for which is best, and that award goes to the paperback. Purely because I don’t know if you’ve ever hit yourself in the face with a kindle, and I sympathise if you have, but if you haven’t, trust me that sucker hurts!

Normally this monstrosity of a situation happens when you are reading in bed. You’re comfy, the eyeballs are trying to close, but you force those buggers open, until finally they win, and sleep is upon you. That’s when the kindle ceases its evil opportunity. It slides slowly from your hand and whacks you right in the chops, jolting you painfully awake.

Now admittedly I’ve been hit in the face by an equally cheeky paperback, this isn’t a venture owned solely by the humble e-reader, but it is significantly less jarring.

So, e-reader or paperback? I’ll let you decide.


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