Q&A #11

What job did I want to do?

Growing up I always fancied being a air hostess, and at around age 14/15 I wrote to British Airways and told them exactly that. They wrote back…

It was a lovely letter and I was over the moon. They told me all about the training and what is involved in the role, and that they looked forward to hearing from me again. Unfortunately as the years went by and I didn’t grow beyond 5ft 4, I realised that not only was I not tall enough, but I also disliked flying with a passion! A slight problem I’m sure you will agree. My plan of glamming up and flying through the skies was scuppered. 

I have no rational reason for not liking flying, I just know that I don’t. I dislike the take off, the turbulence, the window seat, the tiny toilet, the landing and the popping of ears. 

I plan to keep my feet firmly on solid ground. Sorry Btitish Airways. You were great though. 




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