So, you’ve written a book…

What’s it about?

This question genuinely gives me the chills, and not because I’ve written books, which is pretty awesome, but because I never know how to answer the question.

How do I compress my entire book into a quick and interesting answer? How do I stop eyeballs from glazing over?  How do I make myself sound intellectual and mysterious?

Was that a yawn? 🤭

Oh dear lord, I dread it. 

I feel like I just want to recite my synopsis or open up my Amazon app and thrust my phone into the face of the person asking. But I can’t do that… Can I? 

I don’t know how other writers get around this. Is it really only me that struggles? 

I should maybe write down what my books are really about, memorise it, add a bit of sparkle, a dash of drama, possibly even some jazz hand action.

I need to nail this, so that I don’t recoil in dread everytime those words are uttered. 





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