A preview…

From ‘The Maddening’ one of my current works in progress…

It’s raining, the droplets almost hypnotic as they pounce against the roof, only to ping away again just as quickly. I feel calm, yet slightly out of focus. I don’t know at what point rain became a soothing entity for me, maybe the day at the cemetery, the day that we buried my Mother. Lost in the sheet rain, I had felt invisible, I could not be hurt any more. But now as I open heavy eyes I watch sickeningly as the room spins away from me, as my head, heavy and cumbersome tilts away from my shoulders and my limbs lay slack and unmoving. Where the hell am I?


Other works in progress:

The Revo-Lution

Revenge (sequel to ‘Relentless’) 

Elephant’s and Bubble Baths (short story) 

Decadently Discontinued (the finale in the ‘Winging It’ series) 

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