Making time for writing & saying no…

I must admit that I need to be a lot stricter with myself when it comes to using my time more effectively. 

I work full time, so try and use my lunch break as much as I can to jot down ideas and thoughts. But I also need to manage my evening and weekend writing. If I can squeeze in even one hour on a night that would help me immensely. 

Being a writer can be totally unsociable, and you need to find the right balance of social life and writing life, but the end results, seeing your book in print is absolutely worth it. Sometimes you need to decline invitations, turn people down, say no. Sometimes as difficult as that is you need to give yourself deadlines and work towards them. A lot of people don’t understand, and that’s okay, because when your book is released they will. 

I’ve written on the bus before on the way to work, so I know that I can create more time in my day to do the thing that I love doing the most. 

So, I’ve dusted off my trusty Filofax, and I’m making my own writing plan. I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment so more hours is a must 👍




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