Stay away from the red chillies 🌶

Oh dear god, I’ve done it again! I’ve eaten something that is waaaaay too spicy for me and I just know that I’m going to regret it.

Now, for those of you that know me very well, you know that me and spice do not get on. Fact! And normally as I suffer the next day, regretting my meal choice I write a suitably cheeky rhyme about my situation. So imagine my delight when the hubs treated me to tea tonight at TGI Fridays, I thought I was safe, nothing could harm me here. Could it? 🤔

Yes, I did order the chilli beef fries, but in my defence I thought I could handle a little jalapeño or two. And I did. I really did. But I did not expect the fiery slap in the chops that I received from those sneaky little red chillies. Those buggers come straight from the burning pits of Hell!

I swear I lost all of my taste bud action for a good three minutes after one of the devil chillies sneakily hid beneath my cheesy chips. And as I gulped down my orange J2O I knew, I just knew that tomorrow was going to bring a new and TMI kind of rhyme. 

The hubs? Well he laughed in the face of these cheeky chillies and gulped them down like little lava flavoured sweeties! Which further proves my point that he is nuts 🤪

I’m done. I need water. 




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