I do love a good tattoo ❤️

I have four planned, but need to pluck up the courage to get them done. I am such a baby when it comes to any sort of pain, but I really want them so I better get my big girl pants on.

My hubs has two huuuuge tattoos on his arms, the most recent being a Grim Reaper. He sat for hours getting it done, just chatting away, no fuss. I had a tiny one done on my shoulder and had to A) have a mini break halfway through, and B) kept moving away from the tattoo artist so he had to tell  me to come back 😂😂

I’m planning on taking my MP3 player this time, not because I want to be ignorant by not speaking to the tattoo artist, but because I reckon if I can’t hear the needle whirring away I’ll be okay (ish) 

Watch this space – I’ll update as I get coloured in 👍


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