Talking to my characters

Last night as I was falling asleep I decided to play out in my mind a particular difficult scene from my current work in progress ‘The Maddening’ its a scene I’m struggling with, and eager to get right. It needs to be just the right balance of creepy and petrifying.

So, I had a brilliant conversation with my main character Emily and a demented nurse who herself would benefit greatly from a strait jacket and some alone time, and I fell asleep happy that I overcome my writers block. 

Can I remember that conversation now?

Can I chuff!

So I need to go back to keeping a notebook on the bedside cabinet I suppose. At least then I will know that my ideas are on paper and not lost in dreamland, forever a mystery. 

I talk to my characters a lot. Sometimes when I’m writing I ask them if they really want to be doing that, wouldn’t they prefer to do something else? Are they sure they want to wear that outfit, speak their mind, hide that body there? They haven’t responded as of yet. I think I’ll be a little concerned if they do though. 

Sometimes people can be speaking to me, and I see their lips moving, but I’m gone, I’m having a totally different conversation, along a totally different line. So don’t worry if I look like I’ve zoned out, or I’m on another planet, I’m just chatting to my book pals, it’s all good 👍






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