KDP Keywords & HTML

How am I only just discovering keyword strings and HTML for book descriptions?

My book description always looked a bit squishy, so I took to Google to figure out why. I discovered that you can add HTML to put bold text in, line spaces, italics, headers and much more. I haven’t gone all HTML nuts though and chucked them all in there, but the ones that I have added have definitely tidied up my book description.

As for categories and keywords, I had shoved my books into pretty generic categories and added fairly dull keywords. Then I read up on keyword strings, these are in a nutshell what you would put into Google if you were searching for something. If you were searching for genuine red Italian leather gloves for example you wouldn’t just type in red gloves, you’d want the whole shebang in there. That’s pretty much what keyword strings are. So I’ve given it a go, and we will just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully it will help. 

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