Writing fashion

So, this isn’t about quite what you think it might be about. I’m not talking writing about fashion, trust me I’m seriously under qualified for that 😂 I just wear what I like, not what’s cool 😎

No I’m talking about what do I wear when I’m writing. Well, I’m not fussy, I don’t have special writers outfits, channelling my characters through a particularly fabulous frock, nope – it’s pyjamas all the way for me, and the snugglier the better!

I like to get comfy when I’m writing, and I’m 100% not the kind of person that can relax in jeans! I mean who does this? My husband does, but he’s a little weird to be fair, so I can totally get that.

I’d like to say that I have a dedicated writing area, that I put on a full face of makeup and dress the part, but I don’t. Sorry. 

I write wherever there is a plug for my laptop charger, no makeup, no styled hair, no lippy. Just me, barefaced, pyjama clad and relaxed. So long as I have my notebooks, a gazillion different coloured pens, highlighters and post it’s I’m good to go. 

I suppose writing could be stylish, but not for yours truly.


Well okay, there’s always room for a cheeky snapchat filter! 

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