Happy Halloween πŸ¦‡

I was a little disappointed to spot only two houses decorated for Halloween on my walk home tonight. Is Halloween not as big as it used to be? How can we change this?

The hubs and I absolutely love this spooky night, and we are proud to say that we have hosted some amazing Halloween parties, not to mention scaring the little ones that have come trick or treating πŸ‘» please however rest assured that they do not require therapy as they always came back the following year, eager for more.

We lived in the most perfect house at one point, and the hubs had a yearly thing going on with a guy eager to catch him out, he never did though, and Paul always managed to scare him.

We’ve since moved to an apartment in a converted church, and we don’t get any trick or treaters at all 😒 I am sure though that one day the Beal Halloween will return.


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