What does society need to get over?

Body shaming men and women!

When sumner approaches and that ridiculous advert arrives my blood literally boils. You know the one: Are you beach body ready?

Well yes, I have a body, so I must be πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ right? 

Nope, not right! 

I am not tall and slim, tanned and toned, cellulite free and sporting a teeny tiny bikini. Yet I am made to feel like I should be, just to go to the beach! 

Photoshopped images – Grrrrr! Stop shrinking the waists and bums of perfectly normal women. They have butt’s and boobs, get over it! 

Stop adding huge muscles and six packs to perfectly good looking men. Leave our blokes alone! 

I genuinely feel for girls and boys surrounded by the worst side of social media, they can’t log on without being made to feel inferior, not skinny enough, not pretty / good looking enough, not made up enough. Maybe kids could just be kids? 

I didn’t know how to contour or apply eyeliner and perfect foundation when I was twelve (I’m 37 and still don’t know how) I was over the moon when I got a free shimmer lipgloss and a bright blue eyeliner with Smash Hits magazine for gods sake. 

Social media is a wonderful thing, but it needs to chill with body shaming. I’m not a size 8/ 10 or 12, I love food and I love sweets, and I’ll not be starving myself anytime soon to fit into somebody’s ridiculous idea of the perfect body. 

It dosent matter what size a person is, they are beautiful as they are, and should never change to conform with society. 

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