First piece that I wrote

This is touched upon briefly on my ‘about’ page, and in my interview for the company magazine. The first piece that I wrote was a jumble of words that I scrawled down after waking up from a dream in the early hours of the morning. That random paragraph was the start of my ‘Winging It’ series, and when I look at it now I wonder how on earth I deciphered it the next day, the writing is atrocious!

I’m very proud of this series, and each book in it covers something important. 

  1. Deliciously Deceased – Bullying
  2. Dynamically Dead – Domestic Abuse
  3. Delectably Departed – Grief
  4. Delightfully Defunct – Prostitution

Book five in the series which is currently underway is about mental health, and is the last book in the series. 

I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Tiffany Delamarre, she’s been an interesting character to write. Sometimes I dislike her intensely, others I find her funny and warm. She’s a real mixed bag. 

I’m glad that I had that dream, I’m glad that I had my paper at the side of the bed, and I’m glad that I was able to work out my own scrawl the following day, because without all of that, Tiffany would not have been created, and I would not have discovered the passion that I have for writing.

Everything happens for a reason ❤️

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