Fireworks πŸŽ‡

I loved fireworks as a kid, I loved the family trek down to Miggy Park for the annual bonfire, the toffee apple and sparklers. Pie and peas, big coats and muddy boots. 

But now, I swear if the ridiculously loud bangers don’t bugger off I’m going to scream. I’m trying to watch Eastenders FGS 😠

I love the twinkly ones, the pretty coloured ones, but the bangers are annoying.

What is the point in them? Light, stand back, bang, done. No pretty lights, no sparkles, nothing. 

Can we ban those ones? !

Aren’t you just setting fire to your money for a really irritating noise?

Don’t even get me started on the ones that bang over and over and over. Ggrrrr!

Whatever you’re doing this Bonfire Night, be safe, take care and enjoy a toffee apple for me ❀️ oh, and if you could be kind enough to not set bangers off I’d be eternally grateful, πŸ‘

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