Current work in progress…

The Maddening

I’m definitely looking at a 2020 release for The Maddening. Not because I’m behind with my daily writing targets, but because it’s quite a packed story and I want it to be absolutely right.

I’m managing to get some words down on my lunchbreak at work which is great. I love to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. I am a grouch though when I’m interrupted 😂

I’m immensely proud of the book so far, and have some great ideas lined up. It’s not going to be a light read though, it is most definitely going to be punchy and gnarly. 

My main character Emily Baxter is suffering terribly on her journey throughout The Maddening, and I find myself apologising to her more often than not at the abuse I’m putting her through. She’s a tough cookie though, despite the horrors she’s facing. 

I never imagined that I would end up writing books that are rather dark and bleak, but during the writing of Relentless I discovered that I enjoy this side of story telling so much more than writing romance, I like something that I can truly get my teeth into, something gritty, something that could really happen. 

Roll on 2020!

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