Emma & Gadgets

So, I’ve accidentally killed my MP3 player 😭

It was only as I turned the washing machine on and walked away that I thought it would be nice to listen to my music. Looking in my bag I couldn’t work out why it wasn’t there πŸ€” then I remembered, the last time I used it I left it in the side pocket of my coat. The coat that was now being spun at a gazillion miles per hour and getting ever so slightly soapy!


By some miracle when I scooped out my poor little Sony player, and handed it sadly to my husband it still worked! Say what??!! I was over the flipping moon.

Unfortunately though it has since died. It will no longer allow me to turn the volume up and is forever stick on volume level 13. Paul has taken it apart but alas it cannot be fixed 😭

This reminds me of way back when, I had a Nokia, the real sturdy ones that are pretty much indestructible! I was out drinking at The Wellington pub and in my drunken state dropped said Nokia down the loo. Aaarrgghh! And no, I hadn’t flushed yet 😱 Eeewww 😏

The next day, hungover and a little more sober I took the phone apart and left it to dry out on my bedroom windowsill. It still worked! What a great little phone!

I don’t think I should be allowed technology. I’m not a good gadget parent πŸ˜‚

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