So you’ve written your book, self published it, and you now have the finished product in your hands, you sigh with relief because the hard work is over, right?

Not right 😭

Now you need to promote, advertise and market your work, and boy it’s tough. 

I think I struggle most with this part of my writing life. It’s definitely a challenge to get your book noticed, to encourage complete strangers to part with their hard earned cash, to take a chance on an indie writer. It’s a daily relentless task. 

Seriously, writing the book is challenging enough, but promoting is craaaazy!

I think I’ve followed pretty much every advertising idea that Google search has to offer, and I’m always thinking of new ways to get my book out there.

I don’t want to become that annoying social media friend that just bangs on and on about my books, but I’m afraid I may be heading that way. (sorry, not sorry)

Definitely support our well known authors, they absolutely deserve it. But maybe also consider buying a book from an unknown, a newbie, a self published author. Trust me they will be extremely grateful. I know that I am. 

I’ll be leaving more copies of ‘Lost’ out and about for strangers to find, now that I have my next batch prepared. You can read more about this on my page ‘Lost’ so fingers crossed its as well received as previous drop offs.

Whatever you do to promote your book, I wish you all of the luck in the world. You’ve got this πŸ‘

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