The barmaids ruin

I’d really really love a double florin and a crown for my coin collection, but they are blooming expensive!

The double florin is a cheeky little chappie in the coin world and I am in love 😍 

Imagine you are in a gloomy tavern back in the 1800’s, it’s smoky, it’s dark and it’s busy. You go to the bar and you order your beer, the barmaid happily obliges and you pay her with a double florin. She hasn’t noticed that you have passed this off as a crown and she gives you your change. 

Now in the darkness of the tavern it would be an easy mistake to make. They are not a million miles away in size or weight, but the crown is worth one shilling more than the double florin. 

When the bar owner counts up his takings and discovers the mistake that the barmaid has made, she is made to work extra hours for no pay to make up the missing money. 

Hence the name: barmaids ruin. 

The crown you see is worth five shillings, where the double florin is only worth four. I should imagine quite a few barmaids were less than impressed when it appeared. 

It’s a crafty little coin, and I like it! 

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