Game of Thrones

So I appreciate that we are a little late to the party here, but finally Paul and I have started our GOT adventure. Yes, Paul wanted to watch it an age ago, and yes I thought it would be more for the boys than the girls – I WAS WRONG!

I have never been so pleased to be wrong about something!

We are hooked!!!!

Jason Momoa helped – obviously 😍

I’m not going to lie, and I doubt at this stage in proceedings that I’m giving away any spoilers, considering the entire globe has already seen it, I was utterly devastated when A) Robb Stark and his lovely wife were murdered B) shocked beyond shock when Ned Stark had his head lobbed off, and utterly devastated when my lovely Jon Snow was stabbed to death. (not in order, sorry) Though we all know the happy ending there 😁

I’m rooting massively for Arya, hoping Sansa grows a pair, and Cersei gets her come uppance, Tyrion doesn’t die in some hideous way and Brienne finds love. So so much to love about this show!! 

I’m kind of glad we didn’t watch it at the same time as everyone else, as now we get to enjoy it without all of the social media speculation. Plus, we can’t bear to watch a show weekly – we much prefer to binge watch.

Winter is coming… 

Well, it’s here already, being December and all! 🤣🤣

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