Big Spender Vs Scrooge

It’s nearly that time folks… Christmas is upon us and our wallets are looking decidedly less plump than they did before. 

It makes me wonder why we feel such pressure to skint ourselves in order to have a good Christmas? Why must we buy the biggest most expensive gifts? Why must we spend ludicrous amounts of money on things that our family members and friends probably don’t even want?

Do they really need more smellies and socks? 

Do you really want your gift ending up in the summer raffle at the local school? 

Is there not a away around this without looking like Scrooge? 

Is there not a way to enjoy Christmas without ending up much poorer?

Sure there is 😁 you could make a gift, create something personal, set a budget, donate money to charity instead, buy something small but meaningful. 

We can still have a lovely Christmas and not dread the long wait between December and January pay day, wishing we hadn’t gone so flipping crazy with the cash. 

I enjoy Christmas (prefer Halloween though) and I think it’s going to be a nice one. Small, peaceful and not expensive. 

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 2019! 

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