My favourite book…

P.S I Love You

I have quite a few books on this list, but my absolute favourite is P.S I Love You.

For those of you that haven’t read this little treasure, the gist is this:

Holly and Gerry are madly in love, they only have eyes for each other and life is perfect. Life is perfect until it isn’t. 

Gerry dies and Holly is left absolutely devastated. Her love is gone, her life is gone, her heart and soul are gone.

That is until her 30th birthday.

Unbeknownst to Holly, as Gerry was battling through his illness he was planning something incredible for Holly. He had written special notes for her, one for each month following his death, encouraging Holly not to give up on life, to keep smiling, to keep doing, to keep living. He signed each one with P.S I Love You. 

Holly struggles, of course she does, but somehow those notes from her love truly do help. Gerry knew that Holly would still need him when he was gone, he knew her inside and out, he knew she would crumble, and he knew how to fix that. 

This book is about love and grief, ups and downs. It’s simply beautiful. 

Go on, give it a read ❤️

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