Game of Thrones – The End…

Well folks it’s all over and I am GUTTED! Not because of the ending, but because it’s finished, over, done, kaput!

I was irked when Ned Stark was beheaded, I was reeling at the red wedding, but nothing quite prepared me for the stabbing of my lovely Jon Snow! OMG! I was fuming! I wanted to jump inside the TV and begin a murderous rampage. The bloody traitors! 

But, the crazy witch brought him back to life and all was right with the world again ❤️

I’m not upset by the ending, it makes perfect sense. It would have been too obvious and silly for Jon to claim the throne, and the beautiful mother of dragons had turned somewhat wappy, so she had to go, and Cersei was off her nuts crazy! 

I would have liked Jamie to have binned off his sister for Brienne, but, the twit loved Cersei  and died with her. What a waste. 

I can never ever see Game of Thrones for the first time again, but I can certainly enjoy it again and again ❤️

P.S – Arya, good luck on your travels 👋

End note: For Christmas my husband bought me a charm for my Pandora bracelet, it’s the Hand of the King 😍😍😍

I bought him the GOT book boxset ❤️❤️❤️


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