First day back?

First day back after the Christmas Festivities?
Were you at all prepared for the alarm going off, the trek to the office, the monstrous amount of password resets you would be asked to do, the obligatory ‘did you have a nice Christmas?’ convo that you would have to have with every colleague, the realisation that nobody thought to bring milk (yourself included), the wading through emails that were ‘so last year’  – writing 2019 and laughing that you’ve written 2019 (for what must be the 9 millionth time), your computer is on go slow mode like your brain, everybody is tired and definitely overweight, not to mention the utter demotivating feeling of having to work for a living.
It wasn’t my first day back today, but I suffered much the same in that weird working between Christmas and News Year time warp. I’m also still resetting passwords now!
I suppose it will all settle back down soon enough, and we can forget about Christmas and it’s weird twilight zone effects. We can stop talking about Christmas, and move on to Easter plans, summer holiday plans, halloween plans, oh, and then Christmas plans!
I do have some good news for you though… it’s now one day closer to the weekend!
Have a great evening.

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