Megan Dell – Author

GUEST BLOG: By the wonderfully talented Megan Dell. Megan can also be found / contacted via Instagram @megandellauthor – Megan’s novel ‘Free Me‘ is available to purchase on Amazon in paperback, and also Kindle and kindle mobile app. Please see link below ❤️


Blog by Megan:

‘When I was asked to do a guest blog by Emma, I had no idea how to start it. But I guess that it would be best to start with my name, I am Megan A Dell. I originally started writing Children’s Stories, but began writing Thriller/Horror and Psychological Thrillers around two years ago, which (thankfully) have received some great reviews.
I began writing from a young age; I believe that most writers probably do. I think that it’s possibly in our nature to just pick up a pen and paper, a laptop or computer and write write write. When I originally started writing I was terrible at it. I wrote my first novel at thirteen, I can’t remember the name of the story, but I remember that it was a horror novel and it was very graphic.
I have always enjoyed writing children’s stories, there is something about writing them that makes me feel like a child again. I began writing my first published children’s novel at twenty. The Other World was a story about a boy named, Charlie who meets, Tinst who takes Charlie with him back to his world, but there are so many secrets that Tinst doesn’t share with Charlie. The story took over my life for a while, I loved escaping into it and meeting the new characters that I wrote about, it was a great feeling.
The Other World Return of the Army was my second children’s novel. This followed Charlie and Tinst again where they are back in the Other World but it is extremely dangerous, more so than the first book.
My first published psychological thriller novel, Free Me, was released a year after The Other World Return of the Army. With this book I forgot about all the rules and about anyone’s thoughts on what to write (which every writer should do). This book followed Peter, a detective who loved her job, but there are secrets that haunt Peter and some of the people in Berwick. I love writing thrillers because there are no rules with them. You write about whatever you want and it can be as dark as you please. There are no limits.
I am currently working on another psychological thriller novel, Haywood, which I am hoping will be released at the end of 2020.
If there is any advice that I can give to a writer that is starting it out, it would be to find the genre that you are great at writing and to just keep practicing. If you enjoy writing then keep writing, don’t be scared to push boundaries and write about whatever you’re passionate about’.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Megan for writing this fab blog!!!!!! ❤️

P. S, don’t forget to find her on Instagram: @megandellauthor 

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