Living the story πŸ“–

I don’t know if this is a writer thing, or just an Emma thing, but if I’m walking to work, or out shopping etc I like to pretend that I’m in the book that I’m writing / written. 

Only this week I have had a random creepy nutter stalk out of some bushes in front of me, in the dark, and I naturally thought it was a zombie from the Revo-Lution! And I’ve walked past the same guy standing at the bus stop and turned him into the stalker from Relentless! 

But, the best was my trip to Morrisons where I decided to make the food shopping a little more interesting by pretending that all of the other shoppers were evil zombies. I had my own running commentary as I walked quietly past them, careful not to make eye contact or draw attention to myself. 

All was going well. I had made it to the freezer section safe and sound, until – an elderly Irish man asked me if Morrisons sell fish in sauce. Well, he was a cutie, so we had a good old natter about cod in butter sauce, his diet and how he was going to have hotdogs for dinner (the diet was boring him) – we couldn’t find cod in butter sauce, and believe me we searched all of those freezers! He left happy though, and thanked me for stopping to talk with him ❀️

Overall my shopping trip was pretty fun πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ even if I was surrounded by sneaky flesh eaters!

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