Revo – A sequel!

– Eek!

I could not be happier at how well received The Revo-Lution has been, I genuinely am over the moon. I was dreading handing the first copies over to Geoff and Anita, I get nervous like that, but it was a massive hit! 

Now I’m writing part two. A bigger book with even more Morley characters and I am nervous all over again 😱

I hope that I can make it as enjoyable as book one, I hope that I can get the characters right, and I hope that I don’t get lynched when I kill people off (sorry, it’s inevitable) 

I am currently working on chapter one, and this picks up where we left off with Benny and Blake in the cemetery, and I’m struggling a little. I want it to be spot on, funny but totally shady πŸ‘ I’m only 393 words in, so there’s a whole lot to go. Writing is a mental process, and once I hit it full pelt this weekend it will be all I think about! I’m excited with a huge blob of trepidation, it’s nuts. 

My notes are written, my characters are in place and my laptop is fired up, so let’s get cracking! 

I absolutely love my Revo family ❀️ and I really want to do them proud.

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