Bloody hell 😱

The hubs and I have watched some interesting documentaries on serial killers, but let me tell you ‘Headcases’ is a total head mash up!

Wayne Montgomery, total loon murdered 39 people and filmed the blinking lot! Not content however with being a nutjob on his own he roped in his stepson and a few other boys. Killed his daughter and his own son, and happily obliged his wife joining the crazed killing troupe!

This documentary is off the scale mental, and definitely not for the squeamish. It shows footage that he has filmed and tape recordings of the murders and his overall lax attitude to human life, stating at one point that he was going to come out of retirement and start again because he was bored

His wife Andrea was definitely as nuts as Wayne, not blinking an eye at his killing, caring not a jot that she was married to a maniac, because she too was just as crazy. 

This documentary is hideously graphic, showing unrelenting torture of innocent people and all with zero emotion from Wayne Montgomery and his deranged sidekicks! 

I would recommend not watching this while eating your tea! 

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