Storms β˜” πŸ›₯ πŸ¦†

You have to feel for the people whose properties have once again been utterly devastated by these insane storms.Β 

As if Ciara and Dennis weren’t bad enough, now storm Jorge has decided to jump on the bandwagon and have his say! How much more can people take? How many more times must they rebuild their lives after such devastation?

It must be horrendous to see those first drops of rain and feel your heart plummet, knowing that no matter what you do, that water is coming in and you are powerless to stop it.Β 

Iron Bridge is amongst those places in peril, and as a place that I love visiting with my husband and in-laws I absolutely feel for the residents there, and the businesses.

Let’s hope that storm Jorge doesn’t hang around too long and isn’t as severe as the news has said. Let’s hope that it passes through quickly and all of these people can begin rebuilding and living again.

Roll on summertime!

Emma’s Books ❀️

Emma’s Books ❀️

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