Guys and gals, do you have cupboards fit to bursting with antibacterial hand gel? Because I don’t. Why? Because everywhere is out of flipping stock with people panic buying.

You don’t need to have your cupboards busting at the seams with hand gel, please can you leave some hand sanitizer for the rest of us.

I’ve trekked all over Morley to find some for my dad and every shop was out of stock. Even the online retailers are out of it or charging a mint for it. 

I would have just liked one solitary bottle for myself to keep in my handbag, and a couple of bottles for my dad to keep in his van at work, but no! 

I’d also like to suggest that people wash their hands more regularly. You don’t need a worldwide virus to kick you into action, just do it anyway, it’s not difficult. 

Please think of others before you bulk buy the hand gel, it’s not necessary to have a gazillion bottles at home, it’s just annoying. 

Rant over.


Emma’s Books ❤️

Emma’s Books ❤️

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