Panic buying…

Guys and gals you’re killing me with this!

Why are you flipping panic buying loo roll? Aarrgghh! Hand gel (annoying but okay, whatever) Dolmio sauce, yes, Dolmio chuffing sauce, paracetamol, ibuprofen and lemsips to name but a few, but loo roll????

Dear God I can take no more of your craziness! Please, get a grip! 

You will not become a pooping machine if you become infected with the Coronavirus! You will not poop more than usual!

Leave the bog roll alone!

If you must self isolate, get the good stuff – the stuff that you need for two weeks of binge watching Netflix… Get the goodies!

… Unless of course you plan on pooping massive amounts for two weeks, then definitely get the loo roll 👍


Emma’s Books ❤️

Emma’s Books ❤️

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