Happy mother’s day ❤️

I don’t suppose that any of us were under the impression at the beginning of the year that mother’s day would be overshadowed by coronavirus – but here it is. I hope that everybody gets the chance to speak with their mum’s  in some way today / celebrate this day as best as they can ❤️

We do need to think about the parents that dont have access to texts, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. I’ve fired off a cute little gif to my mum this morning, we have a family WhatsApp group so we can stay in touch (I’ll phone soon) and the majority of our family have social media in one form or another – but many do not.

My grandparents have mobile phones, and while my gran is a total text demon 😍 my grandad doesn’t leave his turned on because he says it uses his battery 😂🤦‍♀️they do have a landline however, so we can contact them, but it would be nice to see their faces. Tough in this current situation.

However you manage it, and I truly hope that you do (please leave any ideas or a shout out to your mum in the comments 💓) I hope that you all have a great mother’s day 2020 ❤️


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