Homelessness & Covid-19

What are the homeless to do?

Where are they supposed to go during self-isolation?
How are they supposed to keep themselves safe?
How are they supposed to keep themselves clean?
Are the food kitchens still running?
Are hostels taking people in?

Can empty houses not be opened for them? Empty buildings? Empty churches? Empty unused anything that would help them, make them feel safe, allow them to be protected?
It is bad enough that they must live and sleep outside in normal circumstances, but when there is a pandemic how can we allow this?

So many people in our country are bulk buying nonsense, they are not following the instructions set out by our Government! Whereas our homeless can barely eat on a day to day basis, never mind when this disaster is going on around them.

How can we help our homeless? Because like it or not, they are ours! They are human beings just like you and I. The only difference is they don’t have a roof over their heads and fifty loo rolls in their possession! 

Imagine if you were homeless and you heard news that a virus was sweeping the world and you were urged to self-isolate / keep to the guidelines of social distancing – how would you react?
Keeping in mind the mental health of our homeless, they now have this additional worry to contend with. Where will they get help with this?
We have Tweets and news about looking after our mental health while we self-isolate and work from home – what do they have?
In a world where their only contact is with other homeless people or kind members of the public, this is going to be a tremendous strain on them.

They must now keep away from the only friends that they have, and also away from the hands that feed them.
And what do we concern ourselves with?
Toilet roll / dried pasta / hand sanitizer / hand wash and baked beans!

I urge the Government to help. Don’t forget them. Don’t leave them out there to suffer.
They need your help just as much as anybody else does right now.

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