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I just wanted to take a moment to give a massive shout out to everybody working in the NHS, hospitals, doctors surgeries, care homes and pharmacies across the world! Absolute legends!
Doctors, nurses, carers, receptionists, paramedics, porters, cleaners, consultants, midwives, pharmacists, EVERYONE! 

Our doctors, nurses, paramedics (everybody above and more) are on their knees… They are working insane hours, they are exhausted, but they work their very long shifts and then do it all over again the very next day – to take care of us! Just where they are dragging these energy reserves from is beyond me!
And what do they ask of us? They ask us to stay home, to stop socialising, to help them while they are broken and shattered helping everyone but themselves.
They risk falling ill – for us!

Boris has made it perfectly clear. STAY HOME!

Don’t give grief to the doctors receptionists, they do not deserve our anger or our frustration. They are still going into work to ensure we get appointments. Yes things have changed, but it’s not their fault.

Stop bulk buying everything in the shops! Our key workers need to be able to go shopping too. You think you find it frustrating when you can’t get bread and milk etc, imagine how they must feel after working their butts off only to find empty shelves! Please don’t be selfish. Please think of others.

Please respect the carers looking after our family members. If they say stay away, do so. Yes it’s hard, but they are not doing this to hurt or punish us, they are doing this to ensure that our loved ones are safe. They work so so hard, don’t put extra pressure on them.

Also massive thanks to those that have come out of retirement to help with this pandemic! #heroes

Stay home people. You can do this. It’s easy compared to what our key workers are dealing with every day.

Just stay home.

Question: I have read online recently that NHS workers are having their ID badges stolen, so that undesirables can take advantage of discount food and drink etc, is this true? If it is… SHAME ON YOU! Absolute disgrace!



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