What to do during isolation…

So, we’re isolating? I can totally get on board with that 😊

Not congregating with the masses outside of the supermarket, not hitting the parks with everybody else for a cheeky picnic, not going to the seaside, not going to parties… (a lot of people are doing this despite Boris telling them not to – have a word with yourself) NOT GOING OUT! NOT SPREADING THE VIRUS LIKE A TOTAL TWERP! Yep, I’m 100% okay with that!

Just stay inside lovelies, it’s not difficult.

Here’s a few things that you can do during isolation:

1) That bath that you never get to just enjoy, because it’s always a quick shower instead – now’s your chance – crack open that bubble bath and climb in.
2) That book that you never get time to read, guess what? Now’s the time!
(If you’re stuck for something to read however – check out my book links below 😉) 
3) Spring cleaning – unless you’re not a clean freak like me, then that would just suck.
4) Those little random jobs that need completing around the house – BINGO!
6) Experiment with random things in your cupboards – you might create a masterpiece, or you might give everybody food poisoning – risky food roulette 🤔 (jokes)
7) Catch up with people (online / phone) that you normally never get a chance to properly speak to.
8) Have a go at writing some poetry / rhymes – or maybe even a book.
9) Take an online course / learn something new.
10) Teach yourself Sudoko – it’s good, trust me.
11) Give yourself a pedicure, facial or manicure. Pamper yourself.
12) Make an Amazon wish list.
13) Make a silly TikTok video.
14) People watch the loons that are not staying indoors and suitably rant about them on social media. Or yell at them out of your window, up to you! Just be safe.
15) Enjoy your daily exercise outside. Explore.
16) Exercise with Joe Wicks – I gave it a go, now I’m broken. (you may be more successful)
17) Did I mention BINGE WATCH NETFLIX?

There are loads of things that you can do during this period of isolation.

Remember you’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home.

C’mon, you’ve got this!

The longer you ignore rules the longer this will go on for, and the longer poor Instagram has to put up with my photos of the disposable gloves that people have thrown on the streets.

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