I’m determined not to emerge from lockdown as a blob (work required) so I’m now exercising every morning 💪🚶‍♀️

I did try P.E with Joe Wicks but his bunny jumps alongside my boobs was a definite no go. Not to mention getting down on one knee pretending to be Spiderman. Nope.

I then tried a high intensity workout video that my brother and his girlfriend sent me… I SWEAR IT WAS NEARLY THE END OF ME 😂😂

Anyway I’ve since worked out my own hour long sesh and it works fine. No near death experience and no boobie black eyes doing bunny hops.

I’m on day 9 now, but let me tell you those first three days after I started destroyed me 😂 I couldn’t flipping move, everywhere ached. Even sitting down to pee was a challenge, my legs hurt so bad 😂 I’m past that now though, thank god, and I’m now enjoying it 👍

Exercising is definitely a good way to pass a morning during lockdown, plus you’re getting fitter – win win.

Stay home folks – exercise 💪

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