Applaud our Funeral Professionalsđź‘Ź10.04.20

When you think of funeral employees you probably imagine some sad looking chap, no sense of humour, a bit Grim Reaper-ish. But you would be wrong.

Our funeral professionals have a great sense of humour, they don’t look like death walking, and they certainly don’t carry a scythe underneath their black suits.

They are caring, they are comforting, they are kind and hard working, they are dedicated, and they are there for you and your loved ones when needed.

Never more so in this current crisis.

We clap for the NHS and the retail workers – rightly so, but can we now please applaud our funeral professionals? They deserve it.

They deserved it before Covid-19, and they absolutely deserve it now ❤️

Take a look at the beautiful faces in this image – they work so hard in quite fankly awful circumstances and yet they still smile.

I am proud to know these amazing individuals, and I ask with all of my heart that we applaud them on Friday 10.04.2020 @ 8pm (UK Time).

*These are just a handful of our truly magnificent funeral men and women, if I could have fit them all in then I would have done so*

Please join me on Friday – let’s say thanks đź‘Ź

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