Don’t ‘bin off’ our bin men & women…

Would you touch somebody’s snotty tissues? How about masks that they’ve coughed and spluttered into? Or disposable gloves that they’ve touched god knows what with? And all minus personal protective equipment…?

No? The thought makes you recoil in horror doesn’t it? It should. It’s dangerous.

But our bin men and women do it.

They are regularly collecting our rubbish inclusive of the above, and all with less than acceptable PPE, sometimes no PPE.

Definitely still recoiling in horror right?

Now, imagine those bin bags aren’t secured properly and all of those germ ridden items spill to the floor – who do you think is picking it all up?

Our bin men and women with inadequate PPE that’s who!

When you placed your rubbish in the wheelie bin today did you wear gloves? Have you washed down your bins recently? If not, please do so. Don’t let our bin men and women risk their lives even further by touching bins that may carry the coronavirus. 

Please can we give a HUGE shoutout to our refuse collectors, out there touching our grime on a daily basis.

You chuck it out and don’t give it a second thought – they however think of nothing else.

I would also like to send my love to a dear friend Pete Broome (bin man extraordinaire) who is currently extremely unwell with Covid-19 – see, I speak the truth – and all of the love in the world to his extraordinary wife Deborah Broome (Embalmer Legend) stay strong ❤️

C’mon guys and gals, put your hands together for these heroes – massively deserved!

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