Isolation Hair-Do/Don’t

I’m most definitely not Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, but I am fairly certain that my husband believed me to be somewhat possessed as I waved the hair clippers in his face.

Needs must however.

Hairdressers have crazy mad skills don’t they! Never again will I sit in the hair salon and not appreciate the mental skills that these men and women have.

It is not easy folks. I even watched tutorials on YouTube and everything!

I was so convinced that I could trim my husbands hair like they do at the barbers, that I ordered the best hair cutting scissors that I could find – but bloody hell, one snip and I was like ‘oh hell no! We’ ll just shave the lot, yeah?’

It’s scary. And 100% not as easy as it looks.

I am proud of my hair shaving skills however, and am happy to say that the hubs can still show his face in public without any humiliation whatsoever. I also wasn’t prepared to have  ‘the missus butchered my bonce‘ on our divorce papers either. 

I am sure that Paul is praying for the barbers to reopen, and I am also going to need to apologise in advance to said barber for attempting to be Vidal Sassoon.


Emma’s Books ❤️ 

Emma’s Books ❤️

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