Skipping? Oh, Okay…

Clearly my one hour of aerobics every morning (to put a stop to my alter ego Tubby McTubs) isn’t enough, because I have now added skipping to my daily routine 🙄 what is wrong with me?

Luckily we have a fairly roomy kitchen so there is no worry in regards to annihilating kitchen appliances – annihilating myself however is a totally different matter.

I also considered getting one of those ropes with the hoop and ball that you put on your ankle and jump over – mentally slapped myself and decided against it. The NHS have enough on their plate without a thirty-eight year old woman coming in with a broken ankle after thinking she’s twelve again 🤦‍♀️

I remember happily skipping along as a child, not a care in the world, no concerns whatsoever that thirty skips would leave me convinced that I was having a heart attack, worried that my lungs had ceased to function. Yes, they were good days. I could easily skip for hours back then, skip the two ropes, jump in and out of them like a pro – but now? I would break many many bones. 

I had imagined that I would be skipping like Rocky in training, The Eye of the Tiger blasting out in the background – but nooooooo, TOO HARD PEOPLE – TOO HARD! 

I will keep going, today after all was only day one. Once I’ve scooped up my lungs from the kitchen floor I’ll get right back on it 👍

Emma’s Books ❤️

Emma’s Books ❤️

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