New book alert

I gave myself a goal of writing four books this year, and I’ve nearly smashed my target as I have just released book 3! #RestingWitchFace – available at Amazon.
I have written nine books in total, have three ongoing and three that I will be re-writing – so plenty of projects to be getting on with.
I’m glad to have writing during lockdown because the days would be super long otherwise.
I have tried to keep some structure to my lockdown day so that I don’t lose my mind. I still get up at the same time on a morning as though I was going to work, I exercise first thing, then I clean up / do laundry, pop out for essentials if necessary, plan the tea, set up my laptop and do some more writing in the afternoon and watch the cheesy channel 5 movie. By the time the movie ends it’s time to get the tea on and wait for the hubs to get in from work.
Our house has never been tidier, I see a crumb and it is annihilated immediately.
I do feel sorry for my husband though, the second he walks in I chatter away like an absolute nutter. Poor guy. In my defence however I have only spoken to myself or inanimate objects all day and the conversation is somewhat one sided.
I am now working on the final chapters of Revo part 2, The Maddening and the finale to my ‘Winging It’ series. I’ll be happy enough if I manage to get one more of them finished and published by the end of 2020 – target complete.
Stay sane folks 🤗

#RestingWitchFace –

#RestingWitchFace –

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