Revo is back!


-After what seems a lifetime since I told everybody at Revo Vapes, Morley, that I would write a second part to my short zombie story (The Revo-Lution), centred around Morley and Revo Vapes shop –  it has finally been completed and handed over!
The book was taking some serious time to write, but luckily my husband, Paul, decided to join me and became my co-writer! So a huge thank you to him 🙂
Throughout the writing of this book we have laughed so much that we’ve cried, shouted at the laptop when we couldn’t get past a tricky part, lost our minds during zombie battles, had numb bums from sitting so long, and had our fill of missing bloody commas!
But all of that was worth the joy of handing over the finished book 🙂 alongside some creepy little gift bags of course, and homemade zombie key-rings.
(I can only apologise for how annoying the spider webs are – hee hee) 🙂

It’s just a waiting game now to see what everybody makes of not only the book, but also the fate of their characters – I will update you as soon as I know.

I was really nervous taking the goodie bags to Revo – but then I always am – I’m only ever over the nervous part once reviews come in – and I’m keeping everything crossed that they will be good.

I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody in Revo that has been on hand for my annoying messages requesting either information or photos – I’m a pain like that 🙂
And I would like to thank the below people for becoming characters in part 2 – I’m sorry that some of you had to get eaten, but such is zombie life.

Geoff Laughton – ‘The Alchemist’
Anita Wilby – ‘The Matriarch’
Charlie Bailey
Susan Brown
Allan Brown
Janet Benn
Stuart Benn
Margaret Taffinder
Stew Trigg & Nigel Trigg
Elaine, Ralph & Red the Dog

..The Night Reapers..
Martin Benn – ‘Benny’ – President
Stuart Leake – ‘Knobby’ – VP
Ant Collins – ‘The Mountain’ – Sgt at Arms
Josh Rose – MC Member
Harley Deane – ‘Deano’ – Prospect
Lewis Lamb – ‘Minty’ – Prospect

Ron & Harry
Bhikhoo Narbheram – ‘Mr Ben’
Mick Hibbert
Lorraine Hibbert
Rocky Arkwright
Daz Snowden – ‘The Hulk’
Nurse Brenda
Josie Lorde
Sarah Wilkinson
Dave Tong – ‘The Bionic Man’
Lisa Harrison
Rob – ‘Revo Security Guy’
Lee – ‘Woodwork Chap’
Uncle Fester
Kerwin Lathar

That’s it for the zombies of Morley… for now at least 😉

If you would like to purchase a copy of ‘Revo – The Battle of the Undead’ which also includes part 1 – ‘The Revo-Lution’  – it can be found on Amazon via the link below.
(Paperback and Kindle options available).


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